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When you are stressed out and frazzled beyond recognition, how do you cope?

When you work with me, you will learn effective strategies and skills that will train yoru body to respond differently to the stressors you face each and every day. With just a few short hours of your time, you could easily learn how to...


  • stop emotional energy drains.
  • stop judging yourself or others.
  • stop trying to live up to others' unrealistic expectations of you.
  • gain new energy and vitality.
  • take charge of your life.
  • experience the joy of more stress free living.
  • become who you really want to be at work, at home, and with yourself.
  • learn how to work more efficiently with your time, giving
    yourself more 'free time' to enjoy life.
  • improve your performance at work.

Call Kathy right now at 317-250-9556 to set up your FREE consultation. During your first consultation we will determine which program is the best fit for your needs and circumstances. We have programs to suit just about everybody and every budget.




Are you one of the millions currently experiencing Chronic Stress?

Did you know that when you experience a stress trigger your body floods itself with a variety of hormones and biochemicals. Cortisol is the main stress hormone, and it can take 9 - 12 hours for your body to process once it hits your system. If you are like most people, you will experience a new stress trigger sometime during those 9 - 12 hours, flooding your system once again with the various hormones and biochemicals associated with the stress response, creating a state of chronic stress.

Chronic stress is sneaky, which is why I call it the silent stalker. Intellectually you may tell yourself, "I am fine, I am just doing what needs to be done." And, maybe you are fine. And, maybe you just think you are because you have simply come to recognize the physiological state of stress as "normal". Make no mistake, though, just because you don't recognize the impact of stress on your body does not mean your body isn't feeling the impact of all those stress hormones and biochemicals.

Stress is at the root of so many personal, professional, and societal problems. Most people try to deal with stress by ignoring it, or at best dealing with the symptoms but not the cause. What I call 'escape' strategies..."going" for a walk, "going to the gym", "going" somewhere to get away from the stress that surrounds them. That model isn't working for them or for you. You know how I know? Because you are reading this page right now. If what you were doing was working for you, you would not be here, on this page, right now.

Do yourself a favor and call me right now at 317-250-9556 to set up your FREE initial consultation.

During your consultation we will determine which program would be the best fit for you and your circumstances. We have something for just about everybody and every budget.



Join me for a free stress management presentation
the first Wednesday of every month.

Location: Indianapolis, IN
Time: 7-8 pm EST
Cost: Free

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